Cleopatra dreams,

Asp curled in her palm—whispers

of empires falling.

Sand shifts, so does fate,

An asp's kiss on royal skin—

Crowns tumble, silent.

Eyes meet, histories blur,

Asp and queen, entwined in myth—

Death winks, curt and sly.

Nile's daughter, star-bound,

Asp's embrace, a final dance—

Time pauses, smirking.

Ink spills, tales unfold,

Cleopatra and her asp—

Love's odd, twisted shape.

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Aaaaah! They’re all so good! I’m impressed by your poetic fecundity🖤

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It coils, watches,

Favored by assassins and

Crossword puzzlers.

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Well done! Did not expect that last line🖤

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