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I was a bit under the weather yesterday and did not send my haiku. Oddly enough, yesterday's haiku included today's prompt! It's like a two-fer! Except that I wrote one for today.πŸ˜†

Yesterday's Haiku: 11/20

Baste the crackly skin

Chestnut stuffing, giblets too

Slowly turn the spit

Today's Haiku: 11/21

Chop the giblets fine

Mouth wide, apple inside

Who gets the wishbone?

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Tasty! I’m glad you’re feeling better 😊

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Ack! "Mouth wide AN apple inside" how'd that comma get there?🧐

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Just a little salt

Helps heighten offal's flavor

Coming off The Rack.

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Fetch'im from the fridge,

boy! Better boil them gizzards

first, or he'll fry tough.

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