Hello Sweet Meats

I want to tell you a little about what I write.

100% plant-based horror is admittedly, unusual. So here’s how it works. Every month I pick a plant, and then I do a bit of research. I go down ALL the rabbit holes, I read all the boring chemistry papers, I read about the folk medicine, the ancient stories, I dig, I find juicy roots. Then I take all of my research, write it up, and publish it in The Lab. Once the research is polished and shiny, I pick one weird nugget from the publication. Sometimes that weird thing is science based, sometimes it’s more folkloric or mythological, and I use that one thing to turn the plant into the star of its own horror story.

I know what you’re thinking (I do, it’s a horror writer thing).

How can that possibly be interesting? Well, so far I’ve written about aliens, Mothman, parasites, obsession, giant inter-dimensional insects, nano-materials, and more. Check it out, I think you’ll like it. All of those stories are on my main page and most are paywalled.

Don’t like plants?

I’m not going to lie, I don’t understand you. But I do get you. We all like what we like, and we have our reasons. The good news for you is that I write other things, too.

August Evelyn Nevernight - 2017 edition: August is a Victorian Era ghost I acquired by accident at an estate sale. In 2017 I spent a year reading his tarot every day and writing down the results. He’s a bit of a monster, so beware if you decide to read, there will be dead things. But they’re dead things for free, so there’s that. August is still floating around my apartment creating havoc, so there will be new posts once the 2017 posts are over. August will never, ever leave.

Horror Poetry: For when you just want a bite, or your time is short, your time time grows shorter every second, actually… All poems are free, for I believe wholeheartedly in wasting precious time on gruesome little trifles.

Little Weird Things: Which seems self explanatory to me, but just in case it isn’t, this is where flash and micro fiction go. They are short, disturbing, and the stuff of nightmares. I don’t charge for these, but I hope you’re a person of strong intestinal fortitude.

If paid subscriptions are not your thing, I also have a Ko-fi shop where you can purchase each story individually, all of those links are on the TOC pinned to my homepage.

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I write 100% plant-based horror and run the Horror Haiku Club.